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Reblogging because I did the thing.


i think everyone did the thing

When getting out of the pool…







It’s 1:56 am and I’m trying to sleep shut the fuck up


It’s 1:56 am and I’m trying to sleep shut the fuck up





Watch the video

This remind me of when I was in fourth grade. This one kid in fifth grade always picked on me, pinching my arms, shoving me to the ground. He wound up leaving massive bruises on me. One day I was beyond in the mood to take any shit so when he started to tease me about my weight, I straight up slapped him. He was shocked but laughed and said I ‘hit like a girl’ I retaliated with ‘I haven’t even hit you yet’ And I fucking decked him, knocking him on his ass. I wound up breaking his nose and got in a lot of trouble but it was fucking worth it. The confidence to stand up fur myself and take shit from no one lasted through middle, where if I didn’t have it. Those years would have been hell.

I really hate it, when bullies get away with shit for years and when one finally stand up for oneself, they get in trouble..
That’s so unbelieveably stupid..

I was picked on in school every day…
People would beat me up, steal my stuff, ruin everything I took with me to class, lock me into the bathroom, they killed my pets and hanged them infront of the door so I could pick them down when I got home from school or leave them dead on the footballfield, they sexually assaulted me in groups and would beat everybody who would be my friend..
I never really did anything about it and ended up not caring at all..
Until 10th grade, I got enough of the shit, beat up a kid, told my story and the teacher high-fived me..
I got special permission to beat up anyone, who did anything to me, only because the teachers at my new school believed, that a child can only store that much abuse…
I only used that power once, though… And that one time of beating someone up, was enough…

Oh but.. That was wuite off-topic, wasn’t it… I’m sorry…
But besides all that, I really love this GIF-set..
Fight like a girl - fight like Mulan!!

QvQ  You poor baby lemme love you I wanna hug you honey

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